Julia Toth Graphic Designer

Selected Projects (2001—2009)

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I'm a graphic designer and a DJ / amateur electronic musician. I graduated at Ecole d'Art Maryse Eloy in 2008. http://www.ecole-maryse-eloy.com
Since than I worked for an online digital agency, created a music for a TV commercial, several websites and flash animations for international and local clients, corporate ID's and many more.

I'm a real explorer, I lived in several countries and always hungry for a new experience.

I speak English and French, and understand a few germanic languages in a very basic level.
Now I'm learning Japanese, and hoping that one day I'll be able to visit Japan for a few months.

I'm also learning softwares and programming languages:
CSS (current level: above beginner)
ActionScript 3.0. (current level: mid-weight)
After Effects (current level: beginner)

My primary focus right now is to learn more animation softwares, since I always thought that this is the most fascinating field of graphic design. I'm not really into 3D though. 2D is, on the other hand, seems to be good fun.

My secondary focus is interactivity. I just love how interesting a website can be by editing a few lines of code!